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New features for growers on CGX

We've released some updates to the Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) website to enhance your experience. Here's what to expect from the most recent update.

The person in the market screens

You may have noticed the person icon in your market pages? They are there to show you where "your offer" is in the market. Often your offer may be at the same price as other offers which can make it hard to identify because the total tonnage is different.

This feature helps you know your offer is active in the market.

Grade selection refined to storage provider

When you select the location and commodity type of the grain you wish to add to your My Grain page, or when you offer grain for sale, the grades available for selection will automatically be refined to the grades provided by that storage provider.

This should make finding your grade much easier!

SMS price notification - "Another seller has sold..."

Growers with grain offered on Clear Grain Exchange will be familiar with the "Another seller" SMS notifications. The purpose of these notifications is to keep you informed of actual prices of the same grade in the same port zone so you can monitor and manage your offers as needed.

These have now been expanded to include future delivery months of the same grade and port zone given future delivery months such as July have been actively trading, and often at different prices to now delivery.

Don't forget to take a closer look at our previous releases to learn more about how CGX is aiming to improve price discovery and give you more information so that you can make better decisions when selling grain.

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