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Want to defer payment and delivery of your grain? It's easier than you think

Many growers see benefit in the flexibility Clear Grain Exchange's (CGX) secure settlement provides regarding cashflow timing.

Deferring payment of grain sales

With CGX you can separate your selling decision from your cashflow. If you like grain prices and want to make sales but don't want the cash now, you can defer payment. However, you still have the benefit to call on those funds at anytime if your circumstances change.

When you defer payment of your grain sale through CGX your money is held within the secure bare trust in your name. This means you can access it at anytime and provides the ultimate flexibility and security for growers.

Deferring delivery and payment

For growers who want to defer delivery of their grain as well as defer payment, you can offer grain at the price you want for delivery in future months.

For example, many growers use the future delivery period on CGX to offer warehoused grain for sale with delivery in July. This allows them to better manage cashflow and benefit from any carry that may be paid in the market.

Remember when you sell grain through CGX you retain title of your grain until you're paid thanks to the SECURE SETTLEMENT.

If you use a grain marketing agent, you can authorise them to act on your behalf on the exchange to manage your offers and sales.

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