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New features on CGX

You've probably heard us emphasise the value of growers offering their grain at their price to all buyers, and we've been working on features to help growers set their offer price with even more confidence.

Today, we'd like to discuss two exchange features: published bids on your 'My Grain' page and inventory sync.

Simply login to your account and you'll have access to more information in our market pages, as well as more information to assist you with price discovery. Add the grain you have in your warehouse to your My Grain page and you'll be able to make better use of the exchange to get full value of your grain.

Best published bid on your 'My Grain' page

We have added the best published bid according to independent analyst Profarmer on your 'My Grain' page. You will also see the daily price change along with when the published bid was retrieved.

Make sure you add all the grades that you have stored in warehouse so that you can create an informed offer.

See an example below of the information available when you login and add grain to your account.

Connect your grain in warehouse with CGX

A feature that has been very popular with growers is warehoused grain syncing.

Syncing your warehoused grain makes it easier for you to offer your grain on CGX while also reducing human error from manually entering your grain's details.

To sync your warehoused grain with CGX, login to your account as the Grower Administrator, click the ‘Connect *** with CGX to see your grain' link in your My Grain tab and follow the prompts.

Warehoused grain syncing is available at AWB Grainflow, CBH, CK Tremlett Pty Ltd, Shannon Bros, UCM & Viterra Operations Pty Ltd

If you can't see the link for your storage provider call the team on 1800 000 410.

If you have any queries, we're always here to help!

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions

Call 1800 000 410 or Email

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