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CGX - New Releases

We've released some updates to the Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) website to enhance your experience. Here's what to expect from today's update.


When your grain trades you will now be notified in your CGX account. This will help you see live updates when your grain sells while logged in, and you can view your recent trade activity in the new notifications panel.

grain trade notification

Bid and trade information

See today's trades, current live bids on CGX and relevant price spreads from your offers in your "My Grain" page.

image - bid price and today's grain price

New MATCH BID button

See a bid you like against one of your offers? Click the "Match Bid" button to easily edit your offer with the matching bid price. Then simply confirm the changes to match the bid if you wish.

image - match bid grain price

Bid and trade information on create/edit offer page

Unsure of where to set your offer price? To help you will now see today's relevant trades and any current live bids on CGX when creating or editing an offer.

image - bid and trade grain information on offer page

New website - same great service

If you have any queries, we're always here to help!

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions

Call 1800 000 410 or Email

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