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New Feature to help you set your offer price

We've released some updates to the Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) website to enhance your experience. Here's what to expect from the most recent update.

Alert if entering an offer price below a CGX trade or published bid

Entering an offer price that is below a CGX trade that occurred on the same day (at the same location) or below a recent published bid, you will now see an alert making you aware of the price difference.

This alert has been implemented to give you more confidence in setting your offer price.

See on the image below the message:

creating an offer on CGX
CGX message when you create an offer price below a CGX trade

Please note, as per our terms and conditions, when you enter an offer into the exchange you are responsible for the price and ensuring you have the grain to deliver to any resulting contract, along with checking that other offer parameters are correct. Your offer is firm and can trade at any time during market open. Price information provided by CGX should be used as a guide only and CGX is not responsible for human error.

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