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Weekly Grain Traded CGX - 26 September

  1. Buyers actively trying to buy Australian grain - 34 buyers purchased grain, more were searching for grain offered for sale on CGX to buy.

  2. Traded prices generally lifted week-on-week - The increased demand for grain has pushed prices up towards price targets set by growers.

  3. Do you have grain in warehouse? Offer it for sale at the price you want to all buyers. It's easy, secure and you're completely anonymous.


34 buyer businesses purchased grain through Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) last week. More buyers were searching for grain offered for sale.

When your grain is offered for sale on CGX all buyers can see it and try to purchase it.

Grain market statistics for last week

  • 34 buyers purchased grain on CGX - more searching

  • 149 sellers sold grain on CGX with more offering grain for sale

  • 9 agent and/or advisory businesses sold grain on behalf of growers

  • 26 different grades traded

  • 7 commodities traded - wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, lupins, chickpeas

  • 11 port zones traded across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA

Buyers actively bidding for grain

Buyers continued to be active in trying to secure Australian grain last week. Despite the shortened week with a national public holiday on Thursday and Melbourne having a public holiday on Friday, 34 different buyer businesses purchased grain through Clear Grain Exchange last week, with more searching for grain offered for sale.

Some nervousness over the flow of grain out of the Black Sea, the fact global wheat consumption will exceed production again this year, more rain through the eastern states of Australia, and new crop harvest approaching, may all be triggers seeing buyers of Australian grain getting more active recently.

This saw traded prices lift week on week and many growers achieving their price targets.

Prices traded continue to be much stronger than those indicated by published bids on other electronic platforms and bid sheets.

If you have grain in warehouse make sure you offer it for sale to all buyers so you can see the full reflection of demand. Let all buyers see your grain, crunch their numbers and try to buy it.

Often there are more buyers than you may realise that want to try and buy your grain. Let's create the opportunity for them to have a go!

APW1 was trading $420/t in the WA port zones, $415/t Pt Kembla and $407/t Melbourne as examples. ASW1 traded $386/t Pt Kembla, $380/t Geraldton and $377/t Melbourne. Stock feed wheat traded $345/t Pt Kembla.

Premiums remain strong for higher protein wheat grades with APH1 making $506/t in Newcastle, H1 trading for $467/t in Melbourne, and H2 grades trading $446/t Newcastle, $443/t Pt Kembla, $441 Melbourne and $440 Brisbane.

Feed barley was trading $318/t Geelong, $302/t Pt Adelaide and $290/t Kwinana. Malt grades continued to do better in Victoria with spartacus and planet trading $368/t and $360/t respectively in the Geelong port zone.

Chickpeas were trading $455/t Brisbane, sorghum was $342/t Brisbane, while lupins traded $300/t Kwinana.

This is just a snapshot of prices traded last week. 26 different grades of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, lupins and chickpeas traded across 11 port zones around Australia on the exchange last week.

For a more comprehensive view of prices traded across all grades and locations make sure you login to your Clear Grain Exchange account and search the market screens.

The charts below provide a summary of grain traded last week

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