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Clear Grain Exchange purchase's igrain

We’re pleased to announce that as at 1 July 2023 Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) will own and operate (igrain)

igrin by Clear Grain Exchange logo

Many of you may be familiar with igrain, which has been developing an online marketplace for grain with a particular focus on ex-farm and delivered market contracts.

Regular feedback from our users has been to provide a service to help transact grain stored on farm and create a more efficient market similar to the role CGX has played for warehoused grain.

There has been a lot of thinking that has gone into the igrain business, and we believe that coupled with the CGX knowledge of operating markets, we can provide a combined offering to service a broader set of grain transactions for the benefit of the Australian grain industry.

The igrain market will continue to operate from its own website as we intend to run the business as usual while we learn the transaction types in the ex-farm space.

Our business development and operations teams will be across both the CGX and igrain services and look forward to helping users get benefit across the two markets.

As we learn, we will continue to invest in the igrain technology with the aim of making it easier and more secure for buyers, growers and grower agents to participate in buying and selling grain.

CGX is committed to long term value creation at the farm-gate and believe we achieve this by working with all parties in the industry to improve price discovery and make it easier for all buyers to purchase growers’ grain whilst ensuring growers are protected.

These objectives have largely underpinned the igrain business creating a natural alignment to combine the technologies under one entity.

If you have any queries, please reach out to our team.

We look forward to being in touch.

Many thanks, Nathan Cattle Managing Director – Clear Grain Exchange

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