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Weekly Grain Traded CGX - 21 March

  1. Grain demand tapers after recent frenzy - Many buyers are focussed on executing accumulated grain through straining supply chains.

  2. Grain offered at recent traded prices continue to attract buyer interest - 24 buyers purchased grain with more searching grain offered for sale.

  3. Growers actively adjusting price targets - Growers and agents are actively editing offer prices. Remember you can edit offers at anytime and grain can only trade when the market is open (10:00-10:05am and 8:30-8:35pm AEDT).


The number of buyers purchasing grain each week has come back from the extreme levels seen earlier this month due to there being less grain offered for sale at recent traded values, and buyers unable to push prices higher.

Market stats for last week

  • 24 buyers purchased grain on CGX - more searching

  • 135 sellers sold grain on CGX with more offering grain for sale

  • 9 agent and/or advisory businesses sold grain on behalf of growers

  • 27 different grades traded

  • 5 commodities traded - wheat, barley, oats, lupins, faba beans

  • 14 port zones traded across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA

Grain demand tapers after recent frenzy

Grain markets were somewhat quieter in Australia last week as buyers took stock after a frenzied period of buying grain and pushing prices higher. Many buyers have accumulated significant volumes recently and are now focussed on executing through supply chains that continue to strain. Flooded areas in Eastern Australia has hampered the movement of grain increasing the challenges for many. On the other side of the market, sellers are slowly starting to re-engage with the markets after many stepped aside or increased offers whilst grain values shot higher. With prices seemingly more stable growers appear more willing to offer their grain for sale with many targeting recent price highs. In many areas the recent price highs continue to attract buyer interest as they shuffle their books and then step in when needing grain with APW1 achieving $420-430 port in many parts of the country and SFW1 trading $340-$350 as examples. The recent increase in WA export capacity appears to be underpinning some further demand there helping values, particularly in wheat. Price differences across port zones continue to be extreme in some cases. Feed barley as an example traded over $400 port in South Australia, $360 port in the east and $335 FIS in the west. Grain demand can be unpredictable. If you have grain in warehouse make sure you have it offered for sale on CGX at the price you want so all buyers can see it and try to buy it. There are often many more buyers than you may realise that want your grain.

The charts below provide a summary of what traded last week.

Graph - commodities traded on CGX
graph - grades traded in Eastern Aus on CGX
graph - grades traded in SA on CGX
graph - grades traded in WA on CGX

graph - locations traded  on CGX

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