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Weekly Grain Traded CGX - 06 June

  1. Bid-Offer spread widening - Australian grain markets in a bit of a stand-off currently as growers hold offers vs easing bids.

  2. 5 commodities traded across 10 port zones - Wheat, barley, canola, lupins and oats traded across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.

  3. Do you have grain in warehouse? Offer it for sale at the price you want to all buyers. It's easy, secure and you're completely anonymous.


graph 22 buyers last week on CGX
22 different buyers purchased grain through Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) last week as buyers stopped chasing the market higher. More buyers were searching for grain offered for sale.

When your grain is offered for sale on CGX all buyers can see it and try to purchase it.

Grain Market stats for last week

  • 22 buyers purchased grain on CGX - more searching

  • 75 sellers sold grain on CGX with more offering grain for sale

  • 9 agent and/or advisory businesses sold grain on behalf of growers

  • 22 different grades traded

  • 5 commodities traded - wheat, barley, canola, lupins, oats

  • 10 port zones traded across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA

Bid-Offer spread widening

Australian grain markets are in a bit of a stand-off currently. Buyers continue to wind back bids while growers and their agents are somewhat reluctant to adjust their price expectations too much. This saw lower grain volumes trade through the exchange over the week however generally engagement on both sides of the market remained high with buyers searching for grain, and sellers looking for bids and/or offering grain for sale. CBOT wheat futures were crunched lower last week providing a softer lead to local markets and many buyers appear relatively comfortable with cover so are able to be patient on accumulating more for the moment. Despite the recent weakness in CBOT, Australian grain continues to be sold offshore with trade margins on paper at least remaining largely intact. Hence physical market values aren't moving to the same extent as CBOT however traded values have pulled back from the highs in most areas. As a guide, ASW1 traded $531/t Port Adelaide and $465/t Melbourne. Feed barley traded $453/t Port Adelaide and Melbourne, and $435/t Kwinana. Canola traded $1,068/t + oil Melbourne. Plenty more grades and locations were trading. 22 different grades of wheat, barley, canola, lupins and oats traded across 10 port zones around Australia. Click the link to search values. Prices have eased, but demand remains and Australian grain continues to get booked off-shore. So make sure you have your grain on offer to give it a chance of trading at it's full value - there's no downside.

The charts below provide a summary of grain traded last week.

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