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Sell 22/23 Season Grain Online to access all buyers!

Season 22/23 is now OPEN for contracting on Clear Grain Exchange (CGX).

You can now offer your 22/23 season grain for sale to all buyers securely on the CGX website.

If you have begun delivering grain into warehouse you can offer this for sale at the price you want.

If you have not yet started harvest but know you will be delivering grain in the future, you can offer grain for sale for delivery in November, December and January. You can also offer grain for sale for delivery in July 2023 if you wish.

Simply access your CGX account by logging in directly, contacting your authorised agent, or calling the CGX team.

With harvest approaching and Australian grain remaining competitive into international markets, let’s aim to sell your grain at it’s full value by encouraging as many buyers as possible to try and buy your grain.

You’re in control. You set the price. You remain anonymous. You retain title of grain until paid.

There is only upside in using CGX to help sell your grain.

Prices trading on CGX are consistently higher than best published bids or bids advertised on cash boards.

How to Get Started

1 - Login to your account 2 - Check your account details, add new users or authorise your agent to act on your behalf 4 - Decide your selling price - use our market page as a reference if you need help 5 - Offer!

There are often more buyers than you may realise that want your grain, and grain is consistently selling at prices above what you may have thought were available.

New website - same great service

We're always here to help!

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions

Call 1800 000 410 or Email

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