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Meet the CGX Team: Scott Wallace

Scott has a long involvement in the ag sector starting on the family farm in central NSW.

“I was keen to join CGX as I believe the exchange offers value to all parties involved in the industry.

"Growers, their grain marketing agents, and buyers have different needs and risk scenarios at any time. Ultimately all parties need to coexist and share the value that exists in the market.

"An independent exchange like CGX helps to ensure this value is distributed more efficiently.”

Scott has also enjoyed the positive conversations with grower agents since beginning with CGX.

“We support the additional services and value that grain marketing agents provide.

"I’m encouraged by the constructive conversations with agents and how they’re using CGX to enhance their value proposition to their clients.

"CGX’s aim is to operate a more efficient, secure and accessible market for all participants and there is significantly more value to be created for industry if we can grow the use of the exchange.”

CGX has consistently been trading at better values than best cash and contract bids.

  • Set THE PRICE YOU WANT for your grain

  • ALL BUYERS can then see your grain and try to purchase it

  • Be confident that FULL VALUE is captured when your grain sells

  • SECURE SETTLEMENT means you retain title until payment

  • Fast payment WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS of delivery

  • EASY TO USE and FREE to Register, OFFER or Edit, at anytime

Please contact us at anytime by calling 1800 000 410 or connecting with us on Twitter @ClearGrain.

If you use a grain marketing agent, you can authorise them to act on your behalf on the exchange to manage your offers and sales.

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