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It's good to be back at the field days!

Nathan Cattle and Peter Brennan of Clear Grain Exchange enjoy the face-to-face interaction they get with customers at the field days.

Field Days in 2020, like so many things in our lives, were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst much of the country unfortunately is still not able to hold such events, there was excitement this past week as the Mingenew Midwest Expo kicked off the return of field days in WA.

Representing Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) at Mingenew were managing director Nathan Cattle and Peter Brennan from the business development team.

‘We really missed the field days last year’, Nathan Cattle says.

‘We value the ability to meet with customers face to face and the field days provide an effective way to see many of our users and industry and have those interactive conversations.’

We’re so lucky communities put the effort in to make these events possible as they’re hugely supportive to the continual development of our agricultural industry.’

After a wet July and early August, the sun broke through for the two days of the Mingenew Midwest Expo making it a great success with at or near record numbers coming through the gate.

Peter Brennan from CGX was enjoying the ideal conditions.

‘Wet under foot and sunshine, it’s great to be able to be here and see everyone,’ he said.

‘Couple that with grain prices holding through July and into August, when they traditionally come under pressure from the northern hemisphere harvest and being in regional Australia is just a lovely place to be right now.’

The field days create opportunity for businesses such as CGX to further educate current and potential customers of their benefits.

Mr Brennan enjoys outlining the value that is consistently generated from the innovative, and most importantly independent and secure, grain exchange.

Helping growers achieve full value for their grain is what motivates me to work at CGX and spread the word at these events.’

‘Grain is consistently selling on CGX at better values than published prices. This is borne from the independence of the exchange encouraging all buyers to try and buy grain from growers.’

‘It’s encouraging to see so many growers come and see us in the Elders tent and tell us the exchange has been an eye-opener for them, they’re impressed by the value it’s creating, and to keep up the good work.’

Nathan Cattle reinforced the importance of the exchange’s independence.

CGX is a pure exchange. We’re not a buyer, seller or advisor of grain. Providing a secure electronic exchange promoting a more efficient market is all we do. That’s why it works so effectively because there are no inherent conflicts or compromises made. We just operate best practice to ensure all buyers, sellers and agents can participate and achieve the real price for grain.’

The exchange has now traded and securely settled over 2 million tonnes this season as growers become more comfortable with showing the market their selling price and enabling all buyers to try and buy their grain. The field days provide an excellent platform to help illustrate this message in person.

Nathan and Peter will be attending the coming Dowerin and Newdegate field days while Tom Guthrie and Bruce McDonald will be at Yorke Peninsula field days at Paskeville in SA subject to COVID restrictions. You can visit the team in the Elders tent.

For more information call 1800 000 410 or email

There can only be upside when using CGX to sell your grain.

  • Set THE PRICE YOU WANT for your grain

  • ALL BUYERS can then see your grain and try to purchase it

  • Be confident that FULL VALUE is captured when your grain sells

  • SECURE SETTLEMENT means you retain title until payment

  • Fast payment WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS of delivery

  • EASY TO USE and FREE to Register, OFFER or Edit, at anytime

If you use a grain marketing agent, you can authorise them to act on your behalf on the exchange to manage your offers and sales!

Elders own 30% of CGX. That means the more you use the exchange, the more you support your local Australian owned Elders branch.

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