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Grain Report Wednesday - 05th April

Our goal is to help growers and their agents determine the selling price for their grain by providing relevant price discovery each day. Check out the moves in overnight international markets and yesterday's actual traded prices across Australia. There's also market commentary giving context and comparisons to prices of international physical markets. If you need to change your offer price, simply edit it before market open.

What price do you want for your grain?

Chart including Wheat CBOT prices, Wheat Black Sea prices, Canola ICE prices and Canola MATIF prices

Grain trade prices for Australia Grain (wheat, barley, Sorghum, Lupins, Canola, Faba Beans, Oats, Chickpeas and lentils)

Look Out!

  • Markets all red last night.

  • In the market, some call activity in the futures markets as “Turn Around Tuesday”; others from a different demographic background to me call it “Chewsdey”.

  • I just call “Choose-Day”, yep, time to make a choice.

  • The markets are going to go up or they may go down, or they may stay the same for the remainder of the year.

  • Next year commodities prices will be higher, or lower or around the same level.

  • We may still have a conflict in the Black sea, or we may not.

  • China and Australia may be best buddies again, sharing their snacks on the swings at recess, or we may be enemies.

  • The AUD might be 60 cents, or it may be 80 cents, or it may be the same.

  • There are so many unknown and unpredictable moving parts to making a choice as to what to do with your grain; sell or hold?

  • However, if you are holding grain, you believe the market is going up, otherwise, why hold your grain?

  • The way grain markets work; every owner of a product is Bullish, thinking the market will rise. Every short, uncovered buyer of grain is bearish, as they think the market will fall.

  • One of you will be right, the other will be wrong, or if nothing changes, the buyer is right as he pays less carry and inventory, and the sellers lose due to carry and inventory costs.

  • If you have a bullish view (which you must if you are still holding grain), list your product on CGX, and name your price.

  • You never know what the buyer might do. You can also stagnate your listings at certain price levels to capture any price run, or bullish market.

  • Anyway, yesterday was “Choose-Day” and today is “When’s Day” – as in when is this bloke gunna shut up.

  • Before I go, I would love to be a fly on the wall in China as Barley discussions take place this week (and there are only 2 days to go this week).

Most importantly we're always here to help!

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions.

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