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Grain Report Tuesday - 23rd May

Market almost open - CGX daily report

What price do you want for your grain?

Overnight moves in international markets and yesterday's actual traded prices across Australia are below to help you determine your price. If you need to change your offer price, simply edit it before market open.

Chart including Wheat CBOT prices, Wheat Black Sea prices, Canola ICE prices and Canola MATIF prices

Grain trade prices for Australia Grain (wheat, barley, Sorghum, Lupins, Canola, Faba Beans, Oats, Chickpeas and lentils)

Comments by Dominic

Look Out!

  • Last night the world as we know it changed forever.

  • It had nothing to do with wheat or corn.

  • Beans were stronger as well, but that is completely irrelevant to what happened in the last 24 hours.

  • In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with any commodities, unless you call a catastrophe a commodity.

  • Wow, what is going on? Did the Black Sea situation explode?

  • No.

  • Had China attacked Taiwan?

  • No, it is a lot more significant than that.

  • To be honest, it’s difficult to write about; I am completely in shock.

  • I knew the planets were not fully aligned a couple of months ago, but I thought it was just a bump in the road, and things would eventually return to normal.

  • On the weekend, my optimism was crushed, my dreams shattered, and the house of cards fell over.

  • Some say the writing was on the wall several years ago, but that’s like saying the agriculture bubble will burst due to high land prices.

  • No one really sees a disaster until it taps you on the shoulder. Maybe some of us were just blind to the problem; wearing those old Rose-Coloured glasses.

  • Of course, there are hindsight analysts who will now say they saw it coming; I call bullshit, no one saw it coming.

  • Unfortunately, I am in too much shock and distress to focus on markets and offering grains on CGX today.

  • I will now be taking some personal leave to come to grips with the events of the last 24 hours.

  • Of course, you could lift my spirits and subscribe to my market insights?

  • Goodbye Dimmer, you were one of the few coaches in the 37-year drought we didn’t spit on.

  • I am going to miss you.

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