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Grain moving from Ukraine weighs on grain - Cropping update - August 22

The impact of the ongoing conflict on the Ukrainian agricultural sector and, more specifically, the Ukrainian grain corridor allowing vessels to sail from Ukrainian ports, was a hot topic of discussion at the AGIC conference held in Melbourne recently.

In the latest Elders cropping update, our MD Nathan Cattle explains that despite the first ships successfully leaving the region, it may not be plain sailing for exports from this region for the months ahead. Whilst these factors are creating volatility in offshore markets, locally there continues to be strong demand for our grain.

Remember if you Offer on Clear Grain Exchange, you have the power to control the price you are willing to sell your grain. Irrespective of global factors you can expose yourself to as many buyers as possible and uncover the full value of your grain.

In times of uncertainty offshore, having confidence in your strategy and unlocking value through a firm Offer has never been so important. Check it out for yourself!

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