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Grain Central - Price discovery warrants discussion at AGIC 22

At Clear Grain Exchange our mission is to provide an open, transparent and secure market for sellers to unlock the full value of their grain.

When sellers offer their grain at the price they are willing to sell on CGX, more buyers are attracted to try to buy it. We aren’t a buyer, we aren’t a seller or agent. We are a pure exchange helping to determine grains real value.

The need for better price discovery for Australian grain and the important role that transparent and secure markets provide in achieving this will be the topic of a keynote address by former head of the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) Les Hosking at AGIC 2022.

This is an important conversation for the success of the grains industry and CGX has an exciting role to play as the industry develops. Check out the article or to discover the full value of your grain login and offer today!

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