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Our story for the 2021 calendar year

2021 had plenty of challenges for the Australian grain industry - continued COVID disruptions, huge rainfall events, large variations in prices and supply chains working at capacity.

At Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) we aimed to continue playing our part in creating a more efficient and secure Australian grain market.

2.3 Million tonne traded on-screen

  • >$1 billion worth of grain contracts settled securely

  • 4,294 growers used CGX

  • 300+ buyers registered on CGX

  • 10 different commodities traded

Most importantly, more growers, agents, and buyers are generating value by using the exchange to buy and sell grain.

Thanks to everyone involved in this great industry and well done on navigating a challenging 2021.

Click on the link below to watch our story for 2021.

Please contact us at anytime by

calling 1800 000 410 or emailing

Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) is an independent and secure grain exchange. We aim to ensure grain sells at its FULL VALUE all the time.

CGX has consistently been trading at better values than cash and contract bids.

  • Set THE PRICE YOU WANT for your grain

  • ALL BUYERS can then see your grain and try to purchase it

  • Be confident that FULL VALUE is captured when your grain sells

  • SECURE SETTLEMENT means you retain title until payment

  • Fast payment WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS of delivery

  • EASY TO USE and FREE to Register, OFFER or Edit, at anytime

If you use a grain marketing agent, you can authorise them to act on your behalf on the exchange to manage your offers and sales.

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