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CGX Agenda August and September

The independent and secure grain exchange invites you to join us at a Field Day near you during August and September.

We will be attending Field Days in NSW, VIC, SA, and WA; check out our schedule below. Our team will be located at the Elders' Shed at each event.

On CGX, growers maintain control to Offer their warehoused grain for sale at the price they want to receive. As many buyers as possible can then crunch the numbers and try to buy it. You will be secure and anonymous at all times, protected by our secure settlement process.

Stop buy our stand at these events to confirm your account details or discuss how easy it is to use the exchange. If you confirm your account details you can go into the draw to win a CGX prize pack. What's not to love about that!

We hope to see you all soon at an event near you!

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