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Sporadic Trade Activity Continues- Cropping update - September 2022

"Published bids have been pulled back aggressively during the past month across most commodities around Australia. This is partly a result of more confidence in production outlooks for many parts of Australia which has seen buyers willing to take a patient approach to accumulating grain."

In the latest Elders cropping update, our MD Nathan Cattle explains that the Aussie grain market has seen sporadic trade activity lately partly due to improved crop forecasts.

Despite this, buyer and seller engagement has remained high as both parties profited from the flexibility and efficiency of the exchange. This reflected a strong willingness from 27 domestic end-users, traders and exporters to purchase parcels of Aussie grain that suited their demand.

As buyers are able to procure grain securely and specific to their needs, the resulting trade values are often much higher than published bids advertised.

Clear Grain Exchange is stimulating the Aussie grain market by bringing more buyers into the industry and creating opportunity for Aussie growers to get full value for their grain.

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